About us

Hi! My name is Regina Andrade and I just wanted to tell you a little about myself. I own & operate Music Time for Tots. I have always had a passion for music and young children, so I thought, why not combine the two and have the best of both worlds. At an early age I discovered the great pleasure you can get from making music and since that time music has been a big part of my life. As you can see from my resume below I have been involved with young children for a long time.

​Graduated in December 1984 with a technical degree ininstrument (piano) by the Adventist Academy of Arts, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

1982-1984 - Piano accompanist for the "Little Singers of the Hill", a well known elementary school choir at the Adventist Education Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

1984-1988 - Conductor of the children's choir "Little Singers of the Hill", Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Graduated in December 1986 by the Adventist College of Education , at the Adventist Education Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bachelor degree in Education, with emphasis in Early Childhood Education, and specialization in Vocational and Guidance Counseling.

 1991-present  - Singer at the Spencerville Adventist Church Choir

 1994-present - Private piano teacher.

 1995-2015 - Singer and section leader at the Georgetown Presbyterian Church Choir,  Washington, DC.

 1996-1997 - Music teacher at Hadley Acres Adventist School, Gaithersburg, MD, kindergarten through 8th grade.

 1996-2012 - Music teacher with the Golden School of Music, teaching "Discovering Music for Infants", "Discovering Music for Toddlers", "Exploring Music and Piano Preparatory" at Montgomery County Department of Recreation.

 2007-2008 - Music teacher at Spencerville Adventist Academy, Silver Spring, MD, kindergarten through 2nd grade.

 2011-present - Pianist at toddlers’ Sabbath School classes at Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist Church.

2012-present - Music Teacher at Temple Beth Amy Nursery School, Rockville, MD.

2015-present - Director of Children's Music at Georgetown Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC. 

2019-2020 - Music Teacher at Rockville Presbyterian Cooperative Nursery School, Rockville, MD.


"My two granddaughters have attended Miss Regina's music classes for the last 5 years.  They both looked forward to her sessions every week and just love Miss Regina.  They can't wait to see her from week to week.  She takes a personal interest in all her little ones and passes on her love for music.  The songs and music activities were so varied and fun for all the children.  And, this grandmother had fun too!"
─Nancy B.

"All 3 of my children got their introduction to music from Ms. Regina’s music class and what a wonderful introduction it has been.  She draws the children in immediately with her beautiful voice and charismatic personality.  The kids love participating in all levels of her class, but especially clean up (also set to music).  The children get the opportunity to play lots of instruments and learn songs and rhymes that are easy to memorize so they can repeat them at home.  The music ranges from standard classic children music to original compositions and is all thoughtfully chosen.  I would recommend Ms. Regina’s music class to anyone with a young child.  It is a fun filled morning of music, dancing and a little exercise for the grown ups as well!"

"Speaking as a Montessori educator with 25 years experience, I highly recommend Ms. Regina's class.  I have participated in the classes with my 2 yr old granddaughter and she has blossomed under Regina's loving guidance.  I have taught music to toddlers myself and know firsthand how challenging it can be to keep a group on task.  Regina does it effortlessly with an enthusiasm for the music and the children that is a joy for all."

"All three of my children had a wonderful experience with Regina. She instilled in them from such an early age a love of music, rhythm and movement that you just can't put a price on. Her energy, imagination and enthusiasm is so infectious it gets the whole room moving - adults included! My children looked forward to every class and were sad when their time with her came to an end, my oldest still asks for Regina's lullabies at bedtime! Quite apart from being a gifted musician with a beautiful voice, Regina clearly just loves what she does with these kids and was born to do it."

"My son, Ben, began taking music classes with Regina Andrade when he was about nine months old. At first it was a lark; I thought, what does a nine-month-old know about music? After the first class, however, it became clear to me that Regina was something special and that she was helping me to connect with my son in a new and wonderful way. We loved the class so much that after our initial session ended, we signed up again and again until Ben was four years old and starting preschool.

Immediately upon entering the classroom, Regina makes all children and adults fell welcome. She is exceptionally warm, kind, and inclusive, encouraging each child to participate but never pressuring the shy ones out of their comfort zone. She wins those quieter tots over with her friendly smile and her beautiful voice. She knows how to get a crowd up and moving just as well as she can lull them to rest with a lullaby. She paces the class thoughtfully so that there are opportunities for active, physical music play and calm moments in which the children can explore new instruments and sounds. And she does all this professionally and with great musicality.

It wasn't long before Ben began singing the songs he learned in Regina's class at home, and then we began singing them together. I cherished her class because I knew that no matter what, Ben and I would be together for that hour, sharing, learning, and having fun. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Regina's teaching style prepared Ben for success in preschool. From Regina, he learned to listen to a teacher and follow a class structure while at the same time having fun and trying new things. From Regina's class he also learned how to make new friends and how to be a part of a small community. 

I am just one of many parents and caregivers who feel the same way about Regina. Given the option to make up classes they missed with other instructors, most of them would say, "if it's not Regina's class, we're not going." 

We were so fortunate to have Regina in our lives every week. I would recommend her class to any parent, any day!"
─Shannon L.